Best Charcoal Grills you can buy in the USA in 2020 : Detailed Reviews

Are you looking for the best Charcoal Grills you can buy in the USA in 2020? Check out this amazing list of the best charcoal grills covering their features, pros and cons. Don’t miss it!

Summer time is more than just being at the beach or hosting cocktail parties, it is so much about Barbecuing with friends and family. No wonder grilling has become more like an easy job with so many electronic and types of griller available in the market but believe it or not that nothing adds the flavour to your barbecue dishes like a Charcoal grill does. And, when you are enjoying a barbecue session on your rooftop, or at the beach or in your garden then you prefer tasting the best because you deserve that.

What is Charcoal Grill?

A Barbecue Grill is a device that uses charcoal to cook your favourite dishes. Using this is like burning the charcoals below that provide heat to the grill. Moreover, Barbecue sessions are mostly about charcoal grillers.

How to buy the best Charcoal Grill?

We all know that handling a charcoal grill has never been easy and it requires expert skills. Moreover, you have to keep the patience and be attentive to cooking when you are using a charcoal grill for that purpose. Here are some tips that are surely going to help you buy the best Charcoal Grill explaining reasons why should definitely buy one-

  • Styles: There are a number of options to go for when you are buying a charcoal grill but the most important of it is the style you prefer. Either you can go for the classic ones or the latest ones which ensure safety.
  • Size: The size has an important role to play because you can either buy it for the purpose of cooking for yourself. Then there are family gatherings or a get together with friends so then you need a charcoal grill which can accommodate enough burgers to serve the entire family.
  • Affordability: If you thought the gas or electronic grillers were cheap then probably you haven’t yet checked the price of the charcoal grillers. They are relatively cheaper than the non-charcoal grillers. So, if you have a reasonable purchase to make then go for charcoal grillers.
  • Cleaning process: When it comes to Charcoal Grillers then cleaning process becomes a tough job. They are very hard to clean but thanks to modernity they now form part of an easy process. But of course, the easily cleanable ones are expensive than the hard-to-clean ones.
  • Grill Covers: No matter how much your grillers promise to be non-rustic or protective against damages, never keep them without making them wear a cover. Buy a grill cover that can fit all types of grillers and this way you protect your griller much better.

List of Best Charcoal Grills in USA 2020 :

1. Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill:

A portable grill for you to enjoy your barbecue Sundays is right here. You can carry it to the beaches, to picnic gardens, to any cookout location of your choice. It is its package that makes it a go-anywhere kind of a grill and some people call it as the classic traveling grill. Another finest feature is that the grill can accommodate double burgers or three steaks at once. So, you can prepare your steak or chicken barbecue and serve it hot-hot. One must buy this Weber Quality Grill; after all it is the best-selling grill available in the market. Also, it comes with a 10-year warranty and a guide book which has cooking tips as well as amazing recipes worth giving a shot. You will have to pay around $45.99 as the price of this product.

The cooking grate has been triple nickel plated and has an enamelled coating which keeps the charcoal grill safe against rust and damages.All the parts for constructing this charcoal grill don’t really come handy along with the box.

2. Weber 14401001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch :

You would be glad to know that this Weber model of Charcoal Grill series is the most recommended grill by experts and people (who of course have used or are using it). It comes with a one-touch cleaning system so as to eliminate all the hassle attached to cleaning grills. The ash catcher can be easily removed and then again put back in place. The heat control feature is what adds feather to the cap because it allows you to control the temperature at which you are willing to cook dishes on the grill. You are not going to face trouble while you are cooking and feel the need to add more charcoal in the grill, because it is that accessible and easy. You will be charged about $147.99 on the purchase of this product.

The best thing is the handle which is made of heat shield so as to protect you against the heat.If you are willing to make many years of use out of this grill, then it might disappoint you.
This Weber Grill is very much easy to carry because it comes with durable wheels, so you can get going.

3. UTOKIA Portable Charcoal Grill with 4 Detachable Legs, Outdoor Stainless-Steel Folding Picnic BBQ Grill:

This grill comes with four legs which can be detached as and when the need be so, it makes carrying it to places easy and accessible. Just as much as easy it is to carry this grill to places it is easy to set it up and then fold it back together. If you thought cleaning this Charcoal Grill is going to be a tough job or time consuming, you should know that this one is very easy to clean. People believe this UTOKIA Charcoal Grill to be one of the best companions for camping and parties. There is no point in denying when you also get two-side ventilation with this already-too-much grill package, because two-side ventilation allows air to flow along with the charcoals and by this the charcoals burn exuberantly. This product will cost you around $22.99

The quality standards of the UTOKIA charcoal grill is something you just cannot ignore as it is made of high quality thick stainless steel that is rock solid ensuring durability.The only demerit people actually find in this product has been the small size of the grill.

4. Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill:

The Weber Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill makes grilling at the beaches, parties fun and easy. This 22-inch grill has wheels to make carrying this grill to places an easy job for the people. It has this lid placement feature owing to which one doesn’t really have to keep the lid down, you can hang it on the side. The porcelain enamelled lid protects the grill from rust and cracking. Also, the bowl of the grill has an enamelled lid which keeps the high temperature consistent. The wheels you are going to use are very much durable so, take it to places with you minus the hassle. It is going to cost you around $84.95 on purchase of this product.

One of the best features of this Weber Charcoal Grill is that you can clean it in one touch as it has this One-Touch Cleaning System installed in it. This one has screws to install the legs of the grillers, but it doesn’t come with the box so, one has to buy it and then place it. Also, the griller is already very expensive as compared to other such grillers.
You can easily fit 13 burgers at one time on this grill as it is 36.3 square inches. So, you can enjoy a happy meal with your friends and family.

5. Char-Griller 5555 Grill Cover, Fits 2121, 2828 and all Smokers:

When you buy a Charcoal Grill for your home, you have to also take care of it so that they withstand every condition and be protected. So, if you are buying the Char-Griller and Smokers then you must grab this Cover which duly fits other Char-Grillers too. It has this weather resistant feature because of the PVC vinyl it has been made of. Apart from rust or weather, it also protects the grill from damages that birds and animals can cause to it. Buying this Cover is originally going to help you provide added lifetime to the grill. It might charge you $21.24 for this purchase.

It can go through the sun and as well as water so, whether it is too much heat, or it is raining your griller is safe.One must be careful about the holes because this one develops a hole often and then it can damage your grill in no time.

6. Weber 1211001 Jumbo Joe 18-Inch Portable Grill:

Weber being one of the most liked Charcoal Grillers, this one too has made it to be one of the best. It has porcelain-enamelled lid and bowl which makes them heat resistant and protects the grill from rust as well as other damages. The cooking area of this model of Weber Grill is 240 square inches so now you know you can accommodate enough number of steaks or burgers. There is also an ash-catcher which helps to throw the ashes that have all been collected in one place. The nylon handle keeps your hands safe from catching heat. It will cost you something around $80 for this product.

It is very easy to assemble this grill, so anybody can do it and then put it back the way it was. It is not good with air flow because of which the charcoals cannot maintain as much heat as required.
It is made of durable quality which ensures it is going to last for many years.

7. Weber 441001 Original Kettle 18-Inch Charcoal Grill:

This one is a Kettle Grill from the house of Weber which has 240 square inches of cooking space. With this Weber Original Kettle, you can grill as many patties and burgers you want. There is an aluminium ash-catcher attached to this griller which can anytime be detached easily so as to empty the catcher. Along with that there is also the aluminum steel one touch cleaning system so no more is cleaning a griller going to be a tough job. You need to spend around $79 for this product.

Pros Cons
You will be glad to know that this product comes with a warranty of 10 years, which of course is long enough. Even though it is said to be rust resistant, but it is not that resistant when exposed to water.
The aluminium legs carry the weight of the griller extremely well, so one doesn’t really have to worry about it being bent or falling off.

8. Cuisinart CCG-190RB Portable Charcoal Grill, 14-Inch:

If you look forward to handling the mess a BBQ session can actually create then you must buy this Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill. The ash-catcher make mess convenient. Also, this red colour charcoal grill is easy to carry to places as the secure lid ensures property lock so it is also safe to transport it to wherever you want to take it to. It is going to cost you around $22 for this product.

This Model of Griller has a dual venting system which is well known for controlling temperature as well as for the better charcoal management. The food can burn easily on this grill as it is flimsy.
It is easy to assemble this grill, so you can do that all by your own and it doesn’t demand too much of time.

9. Fire Sense Large Yakatori Charcoal Grill:

What makes this grill an efficient medium to enjoy all the BBQ parties and outing is a number of features it has. As far as the quality is concerned, it is made of ceramic which is known for distributing the heat evenly, so you can cook faster and better. Also, there is the adjustable ventilation feature that makes controlling heat easy. It is one Japanese style table top, being the perfect size for all kinds of family gatherings and get-togethers. The 157 square inch is big enough to grill a dinner for the entire family. Moreover, the size of this grill is good enough to fit into the living space or in your sweet little garden. There are side clips to keep the grill which is on top of the ceramic body in place. It will cost you something around $37 on purchasing this product.

It doesn’t burn too much of charcoal, so it is cheap as far as charcoal use is concerned.It is not durable enough.
It has this handling rack which is easy to move and handle.

10. Royal Gourmet 24 Inch Charcoal Grill, BBQ Outdoor Picnic, Camping, Patio Backyard Cooking, Black:

This Charcoal Grill is a must have for every person who is fond of picnics that have BBQ as it provides flexibility while cooking. There is this innovative charcoal pan with holes design which makes use of less charcoal and keeps the temperature under control. Apart from this, there is an adjustable cap so as to provide good airflow. It is equally easy to clean this griller, all thanks to the pull-out ash-catcher. The grill also has 205 square inches of warming rack where you can keep the burgers or food items that are already done. However, the area for cooking is of 395 square inches. You can buy this product by spending around $129.99 with no added cost.

This Griller features minimum loss of heat where you don’t have to make use of more charcoal.The only demerit of this product has been its assembling process which hasn’t been an easy task for the people.
There is a cool touch handle of a front door which makes easy for you to add or shift coals while cooking.

While there are so many things to look out for in a Charcoal Grill so, we have found the best Charcoal Grillers where some have a bunch of features and some have a few. But what makes them the best charcoal grillers is that they have been offering features that people look for on the basis of how much they are willing to spend.